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Let us cater for you!

Our catering menu is designed to accommodate large orders that are planned ahead of time. We don’t staff or serve at events, or rent catering equipment (chafing trays, hot-boxes, etc.).

Please fill out the Catering Request Form below to get started.

You can always email directly with any questions.


How it works

Email with all inquiries and orders.

Please include a name, phone number, pickup date, and an estimate of the number of people you're hoping to cater for.
If you have last-minute or day-of questions please call us directly on 020 4185 1099.

We require 72 hours notice for catering requests.

This allows us time to adjust our ordering and schedule a suitable pickup time. We are often fully booked, so making inquiries as early as possible is strongly encouraged.

Our minimum for self-catering orders is $250.

We invoice for all catering orders, and require that it be paid at least 24 hours prior to your pickup time.

Pickup times are 12pm - 8pm.

We can accommodate catering requests between Tuesday-Saturday, but weekend time slots are limited and fill up quickly.
We offer delivery at a flat fee of $30 (4km radius from our kitchen).

Please do not call with catering questions.

Our staff are more than happy to help you with questions about our normal menu, but all catering orders are handled through:

Thanks for getting in touch!

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